Traffic Task Force

SOECA’s Traffic Task Force (TTF), which was made a committee by the SOECA Executive Committee in May of 2016, meets regularly and TTF members rotate the responsibilities for organizing and facilitating each meeting.  The TTF reports to SOECA’s Executive Committee throughout the year and often makes presentations to the membership at general membership meetings as requested.

Mission Statement

The SOECA Traffic Task Force will concern itself with matters of traffic within and affecting the SOECA boundaries to do the following: ensure the safety of neighborhood residents and visitors; to preserve and enhance residents’ quality of life and quiet enjoyment of their homes and neighborhood; and to maintain and promote the residential character and real estate value of the neighborhood. (Adopted December 2015)


The TTF is composed of SOECA members who wish to improve traffic in the neighborhood. Our current roster of 15 participants lives in all areas of the SOECA neighborhood. To join the TTF, please email with your name, address, and a request to join.

Work Plan

Under the direction of SOECA’s Executive Committee, the TTF works with neighborhood residents, other citizen and civic associations, representatives from various County and State agencies/departments, and with elected and appointed officials to monitor existing traffic patterns, to address safety concerns, and to identify and advocate for improvements and enhancements that align with the goals and priorities of SOECA.

We are working on many different issues; our priorities are:

● reducing the high traffic volume of traffic on selected neighborhood streets,

● increasing compliance with speed limits, stop signs, parking restrictions, turn restrictions, and other traffic calming  measures to improve the safety of driving, walking and cycling,

● mitigating cut through traffic by upgrading and improving components of the Neighborhood Traffic Protection Plan and by looking at conditions outside of our boundaries that may inadvertently divert traffic onto our streets,

● understanding the impacts of the construction of the Purple Line and planned improvements to roadways to accommodate the Bus Rapid Transit system, and

● improving the Traffic page of SOECA’s website and increasing the resources for residents on that page.


Reporting an Issue to the TTF

there is an issue you would like the TTF to address, please send an email to us
Please include as much information as possible about the problem, 

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